Attention Tenants and Landlords: Get Help With Unpaid Rent

Apply by March 31, 2022! Do not delay.  Multilingual services available.

Applications for the CA-COVID-19 Rent Relief Program will close at the end of March.

  • Online 24 hours / 7 days a week until closing of application at
  • Or, call (833) 430-2122


The State of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program is providing FREE Financial Assistance to landlords and renters who need help with unpaid or future rent or utilities. Landlords and renters are both encouraged to apply.

Income-eligible applicants may qualify regardless of immigration status, and will not be required to show proof of citizenship. Assistance from the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program does NOT count as earned income (for renters) and will NOT affect eligibility for any other state benefit assistance programs, such as CalFresh or CalWORKS.

Applications are being accepted through March 31, 2022, to pay unpaid rent and/or utilities owed up through March 31, 2022. Once an application has been successfully processed, both  landlord and renter will be notified of the next steps to complete approval.

If you have already submitted a COVID-19 Renters Relief application at, please do NOT submit a new application. If you need additional financial assistance or need help to find the status of your pending application, please check online at or call (833) 430-2122

Need assistance in another language? Need help to see if you’re eligible or to fill out an application, or upload required paperwork? Schedule an appointment with an organization near you by calling 833-687-0967

To Apply:

  • Online 24 hours / 7 days a week until closing of application at
  • Or, call (833) 430-2122