-- Matt

I can't think of enough good things to say about Marsia and Eugene. They really went above and beyond, I would highly recommend them to anyone. I contacted Marsia and Eugene to sell the condo thy'd helped me buy 10 years earlier. I would like to thank Marsia and Eugene for all of the work they did in getting my condo to close for me. They were terrific people to have representing me. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

-- Hollie & George

We had worked with Marsia and Eugene on our previous home purchase ten years ago and had a super easy transaction even with contingencies and HOA weirdness. So when it was time to relocate because our daughter, who hadn't been born yet last time around, got into an amazing school with a horrible commute, we called them to help us again.

We put our house on the market during the holidays, expecting that it would sit for a while. We were shocked when Marsia brought us multiple offers above asking within a couple of weeks. We immediately opened escrow and went house hunting.

We got lucky again! We found a phenomenal property and submitted an offer, which was accepted. The seller of our property then began doing every shady thing you can think of and some you couldn't even imagine. We were mortified! Our buyer was being impacted at every turn and the seller of our property seemed oblivious.

Marsia went beyond what anyone should reasonably expect and diligently and persistently supported us. She formed an army of vendors and others to help us get the transaction closed. We were relieved when we finally took the keys, only to find the seller still squatting in the property when we arrived to clean prior to moving in.

Marsia did everything she could to help us get them out and when they finally took the last of their stuff and left, she was still supporting us and making calls on our behalf. She never abandoned us, even after the job was technically finished.

We wish we could give the Powers Team 18 stars, but five is all Yelp allows!

-- Sabah & Malik

“The time and attention The Powers Team gave to us was wonderful. They made the process for a first time home buyer educational, and a lot less daunting then it could have been. We are very happy with the end results and grateful they were there to help us.”

-- Sandi & Frank

Marsia and Eugene helped us buy our first home in 2012. Marsia was straight out and honest. I felt very comfortable with her. After looking for a few weeks, I almost went for a house that she advised I be careful about. In the end she was right, the house had major issues that were not visible but somehow she recognized all the red flags before the inspection. Marisa and Eugene know their stuff. I honestly feel I would have been lost without them. We bought our house October 2012 and we never lost contact.

Just this past month we sold this same house with the help of Marsia and Eugene. Everything went so well I was so happy! They truly are an awesome team. She was always available by text and by email. Their personalities are pretty awesome too. As stressful as this process can be, I never once felt nervous.

--- Susan & Scott

“WOW! Thanks so much! We heard that you could sell houses fast, but selling ours in less than a week was just what we wanted. Things couldn’t have gone better. We also appreciated your desire to educate us about the steps involved with selling our home. Learning these details helps take the fear and stress out of the whole process. We don’t think anyone should take risks when it comes to selling what is most likely the biggest investment of their life, their home. That’s why we not only recommend you to our family and friends, we insist that if they want someone who is going to give them the personal attention and guidance they need during the home selling process, then they must call you. You have a proven track record, you know the contract forms and disclosures inside and out, and you were very accessible whenever we had questions.

-- Cookie

If you are seriously interested in selling your place I strongly recommend you contact The Powers Team. They know the real estate market inside and out and their number one goal is to make you happy. I also recommend you have them assist you in purchasing your new place. It was exciting having them as my seller and buyer agents. I have had the good fortune of having Marsia as my realtor twice. The first time was when I purchased my first home. After 11 years of happily living in my condo I decided to purchase a house so my grandchildren would have a safe place to play when they visit.

The Powers Team sold my Encino home in a couple of weeks time.
I purchased this Encino home with them as my realtors July 2008, after selling the condo I purchased with them as my realtors in February 1997. Triple home runs if you ask me.

My decision to sell the Encino home came after being begged by family to move closer. I signed paperwork with the Powers Team March 23, 2016. House went officially on the market April 7th, and it was in escrow based on buyers contingency their home sell. End result is that buyer's escrow closed June 3rd a Friday and mine on June 7th. Now to find me another, this time closer to family. I cannot say enough about them. They stayed true to their words 'friends for life.' Thanks Marsia and Eugene.

-- Nancy

Marsia and Eugene, The Powers Team, came highly recommended by a friend when the time came to sell our parent's home. Marsia is a total professional and knows all the ins and outs of the real estate business but she is also fun to work with and puts you at ease immediately. She'll answer any and all questions you may have and is always available by phone or email. They listened when we had concerns about who the buyer might be and gave us advice about listing the house. Eugene did the legwork of getting the house ready to show. On the first day of the open house we had a buyer and they asked Marsia and Eugene to represent them too! Marsia and Eugene did everything for us. All we had to do was sign here, sign there. Talk about easy. I can't thank them enough for getting us through this process with no stress whatsoever.

-- Barbara and Bob

You will never find better than Marsia and Eugene, no matter how far or how long you look! I have known Marsia since 1990, and she has been our agent to purchase two houses and to sell two houses. She has your back! She knows what she is doing and you can place your trust in her! They go the extra mile to get you the best deal. Knowledgable, patient, tireless. Marsia and Eugene make selling or buying a home painless. I am proud to say that they have become priceless friends that I am proud to know. Thank you both for being there when I needed agents and friends! I highly recommend The Powers Team! They are the Top of the Line!

-- Al & Flo

We tried to sell our home by ourselves over the summer with no success. We thought that by offering the home for sale directly and at a lower price it would bring us more potential buyers. After spending every weekend for three months sitting in the sweltering heat (there was no air conditioning) the only offers we got were obnoxiously low. We then gave in and listed our home with Marsia and Eugene and within a week had our home sold for more than we hoped for. She was strong negotiating with the buyer and kept us notified throughout escrow. We were so happy with her service that we had her help us buy a replacement home and we couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. We have since referred our friends and family to them and consider Marsia and Eugene to be, as they love to be thought of, our “Real Estate Consultants for Life”.

-- Craig

You’re called the Powers Team, but in my book you are called the Dream Team! I’ve had many real estate dealings in the past. For the most part I was happy and satisfied with the various realtors. However, after selling and buying with the two of you, the others absolutely pale in comparison. You guys made my experience easy, pleasant, stress-free and even fun.

I’ll be talking about the “Dream Team” for years to come, because you are both Simply The Best!

--- Dawn & Alex

Marsia and Eugene got us our first home. Marsia really worked to get us the BEST deal and to deal with the bank at the end of closing when there were a few problems with the house.

Eugene showed us TONS of homes until we found the right one just for us.

During the buying process Marsia and Eugene were both constantly available for any questions we had or for anything we needed at all.

-- Ronald & Yesenia

Marsia and Eugene helped me purchase two homes and sell one of them. I would highly recommend them. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient if you need to ask questions. I always feel like they have my best needs in mind, rather than trying to make a quick buck. Highly recommend if you're looking to buy or sell your home!

-- Danny & Azadeh

The beginning of this year my wife and I listed our home in Encino with a Realtor who simply could not get the job done. The stress of it all was absolutely unbearable. We had several open houses with no offers. Our house sat on the market for weeks. My wife and I were convinced that our realtor simply was not aggressive enough to sell our home. On one Sunday afternoon we saw the usual POWER TEAM signs of an open house that was being held a few houses from where our house was located. My wife decided to go to the open house herself and attend. 10 minutes later she had returned and looked in my eyes and instructed that I myself go and watch the Realtor Marsia Powers in action.

The look that my wife had said it all so I rushed over to find Marsia surrounded by a crowd of folks asking her questions left and right. The energy that the open house had was riveting! I waited for about 25 minutes to speak to Marsia after she was done engaging others interested in the listing. I told her that I am very impressed by her actions thus far and I was prepared to fire my realtor that evening and have Marsia not only list my home but help my wife and I purchase a new home. We had a short meeting and it was done. Marsia took full control of the situation in which our first open house that she held we received multiple offers higher than asking price. She also found our dream home shortly thereafter in which we are closing escrow in a couple weeks. My wife and I started off with a vision and without the help of Marsia our dreams would have remained stalled. In this Market we have learned that if you are going to choose a realtor she or he must have tenacity, intelligence and the ability to connect with people. Marsia displays all of those qualities and will deliver the same way she delivered for us. We are truly happy with our experience.

-- Patricia

There is no doubt in my mind or heart
that I would not hesitate to recommend Marsia and Eugene as a realtor to anyone who might ask me. I have known them for years and have used their expertise on more than one occasion. The first time I used their services was when I went through a divorce and needed to sell my home and move my family into a more affordable home. Their first concern was my personal well being and secondly wanted to give me the best option available. To cut to the chase, my home was sold in a month and a half and they also helped me find my current home.

Two years later my mom passed away. My parents had lived in that house for over 50 years. The property was placed into the family trust which included me and my two sisters. Once again I called Marsia and Eugene. Being the type of people they are, they met with me and offered any assistance to my family in addition to selling mom’s home. It was hard, selling the home I grew up in. They were never pushy and let us work out our time going through our parents’ possessions and once again were supportive. Marsia handled the paperwork and spoke with the estate attorney on our behalf. Everything was so easy and when my sister, as executor, signed off the last bit was as smooth as the beginning.

-- Laddie

I recommend the Powers Team wholeheartedly. They are exceptional at what they do and truly wonderful people too. Marsia and Eugene are seasoned professionals who are knowledgeable, hardworking and genuinely great human beings. A friend recommended Marsia to me in 2001 when I was looking for a home in the Los Angeles area. She demystified the process for me and patiently walked me through every step of the process. I purchased another property with the help of her and Eugene a few years later. Both times, Marsia and Eugene went above and beyond the call of duty providing not only expert knowledge and service, but also wise advice when I needed and asked for it, as well as genuine caring and friendship. When it came time to sell my first house, the team was with me every step of the way helping me with every aspect of the sale. They paid attention to each and every detail and made sure everything went smoothly. Work with the Powers team and you will be in good hands.

-- Amir & Marzieh

This team is a real team. Marsia and Eugene powers are the best agents I have ever seen. I met Marsia first time in an open house after my arrogant agent stopped showing me more properties. After a while I sent her an email and asked if I could see some properties. In less than four hours Eugene showed 3 of 5 to us. Amazingly fast and professional. Ask anything technical from Eugene. He knows everything.

My current residence has bought by them. I can't believe how many times I had requested to see the property and never heard NO from them. They both are super honest, reliable and helpful to the end. Even after you got your keys.

-- Marcelle

I wouldn't consider using any other than Marsia! She made me feel comfortable in her extreme knowledge of the entire process and I felt like she was always looking after me. You won't be disappointed. I'm sorry I couldn't take her with me to Texas.

-- Rob & Barbara

We have used Marsia and Eugene for both the purchase of two of our homes and the sale of two. I cannot imagine a better, more professional team than them. They are both extremely knowledgeable and will always point you in the right direction. They work harder than any realtor I have ever known and THEY GET THE JOB DONE! I could never imagine trying to buy or sell a property without them. They will always look out for you and have your best interests at heart. I would HIGHLY recommend Marsia and Eugene for all your real estate needs!

-- Matt

I can't think of enough good things to say about Marsia and Eugene. They really went above and beyond in helping me purchase my condo. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

-- Kurt & Jackie

Eugene and Marsia Powers helped us purchase our home in Lake Balboa. We met them at an open house they were conducting. We had been working with an agent but were not happy with the service. We switched to The Powers Team and found out what real estate agents are supposed to be doing! They helped us through the process, which is nerve wracking at best! They had all the answers and were there for us right through and beyond. I would highly recommend Marsia and Eugene to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They know what they are doing!

--- Michelle

Marsia and Eugene are the absolute best! They recently sold my Encino Park home. Eugene took some amazing professional photos of my house that I know helped sell it. And Marsia is definitely someone you want on your side when negotiating. She explained everything in great detail, which I really, really appreciated. I highly recommend The Powers Team!

-- Jennie & Derek

We could not ask for a more knowledgeable, helpful resource than Marsia and Eugene in all phases of homeownership. They were there for us in the purchase of our home, through a very difficult loan modification with our lender, and now in the sale of our home. It's like having a family member in real estate who has the most tenacious follow-through and highest expertise. I wish everyone did their jobs so well! I only wish there were more stars to give them.

-- Kelly & Steve

“Thank you Marsia and Eugene for all your hard work on the sale of our home (both the purchase back in 2001 and our sale now). We relied on you guys to take care of everything for us. Especially with a newborn and a toddler to take care of, we appreciated you coming over to our house to sign all the paperwork, and explaining things as we went along. We also appreciate your coordinating all of the faxes and paperwork back and forth with our AZ realtor for our new home purchase. We really appreciate your hard work and professionalism which made the sale of our house go so smoothly.

-- Andy

I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for a job well done in selling my home. In probably one of California's worse housing slumps, you were able to get my house sold. I remember the many weekends of open houses you spent show to prospective buyers. Your expertise in displaying it on the internet, I feel was also very worth while because that is how most of today's buyers first go shopping for a house. Your Powers Team was able to cover the Internet, MLS and the physical house showings with great expertise. I would feel confident and happy to recommend your Powers Team to any of my friends who are looking to buy. Thank you again for a job well done!

-- Keren and Rupert

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Marsia and Eugene for everything they have done for us. Rupert and I cannot express enough how wonderful it has been working with them. We were really worried about proceeding with a short sale and then Marsia and Eugene entered our lives. Their professionalism, honesty and integrity in all situations has been a joy to work with. We will certainly feel confident referring their services to anyone. In fact, we have already told all our friends that we have the best real estate agent in town!

-- Shaari & Stuart

Eugene and Marsia are realtor rock stars! We didn't know much of anything, really. about buying a home. We knew they were expensive and we knew we wanted 3BR, 2 BA and a great backyard. We didn't know our price range, the right neighborhood or even which amenities were important to us. Rather than make us feel silly (or not take us seriously), this husband and wife team helped us figure it all out. They hooked us up with a great mortgage person who got us pre-qualified for a set loan amount, they helped us realize which neighborhoods would have the vibe we were seeking and showed us as many houses and we were willing to see. (Eugene sent us MLS listing, which is the norm-but he actually prescreened those for us, so the ones he sent were true matches-not ones just based on the few filters MLS will allow). Marsia guided us through all the legal paper work-explaining it to us each step of the way and making sure we were comfortable with the process. Now, several months after the sale has been complete-they have not abandoned at all! In fact, much more the opposite, they have made it clear that we can come to them with anything home-related: From the phony letters we get from hinky companies to suggestions for craftsman. It's fantastic knowing we have people who clearly love their job and are so good at it on our side. (And if you're a Sci-fi fan you'll have loads to talk about with too!)

-- April

The Powers Team have been my Realtors since 2003. They have handled all my real estate transactions ever since. They are experts in loans too. In real estate, you need someone who has your back. I have referred clients to their team as well and everyone was happy. Marsia is the best.

-- Steve

My first home purchase, and words can't describe how nervous/frantic/confused/overwhelmed I already was. I'm sure you have all been there, or will be eventually. Anyway, Marsia and Eugene went the extra mile plus many more to get me into a really awesome condo that was even better than what I was expecting to find.

"Thank you" just doesn't seem to say it well enough. You guys are champs all the way!

-- Joy

Marsia and Eugene provided a first-rate service in helping me buy my first home in California. I relied on Marsia for her professional knowledge and expertise and in the process came to really admire her can- do approach and practical common sense. They both work tirelessly for their clients, are always available and also offer post-closing help and advice - upon which I am sure I will also rely. I am so glad I met them - without them I'm pretty sure I'd still be looking. Other agents stressed what a difficult market it is for buyers. The Powers Team just got on and found me something great. Go The Powers Team!

-- Nancy

Marsia and Eugene, The Powers Team, came highly recommended by a friend when the time came to sell our parent's home. Marsia is a total professional and knows all the ins and outs of the real estate business but she is also fun to work with and puts you at ease immediately. She'll answer any and all questions you may have and is always available by phone or email. They listened when we had concerns about who the buyer might be and gave us advice about listing the house. Eugene did the legwork of getting the house ready to show. On the first day of the open house we had a buyer and they asked Marsia and Eugene to represent them too! Marsia and Eugene did everything for us. All we had to do was sign here, sign there. Talk about easy. I can't thank them enough for getting us through this process with no stress whatsoever. Five stars!

-- Chris & Rebecca

Make life simple. Call the Powers Team. With their knowledge and experience, they can make this journey a positive one.

-- Marjorie, Kurt and all the muchkins too

THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for selling our mom’s home! It was such a pleasure working with you. Marsia - I had a lot of fun talking with you on all of those many occasions. You were a great person to work with, very understanding and caring and flexible. You really do a fantastic job. Obviously, you will always have our recommendation.

-- The Bennell Family

I would like to commend the professionalism of Marsia and Eugene Powers. My mother’s in her 80’s and recently her health declined so much that although it hurt her heart to have to move she just couldn’t live alone in the home my brother and I grew up in. Selling her home also gave her money to live on in the senior community she moved to. We listed with Marsia and Eugene and found their treatment of all matters from marketing analysis, showing and open housing the property, negotiating the sale, and assisting in document completion to be excellent in appropriateness and their attention to detail. We found Marsia and Eugene to be empathetic of our family’s needs and concerns. We would feel confident in referring them to others and in working them again should the need arise.